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Company Profile

Fong Teng Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991. We are mainly devoted to producing & developing decorative film products, including glitter film, multi lens film, iridescent film, hologram film and its related products. Fong Teng is one of the leading company manufacturing high quality and novelty plastic materials in Taiwan, we have the most special and unique products.

Our products are widely used on printing, lamination, decoration, craft, gift wrap, shopping bag, leather& housewares (ex. shower curtain, table clothes & window cling film).

We produce not only the film products, we also have laminated paper or cardboard and self-adhesive with our film products.
We also provide OEM & ODM services for customers.
With high qualified staff and long-term professional experience enables us to develop new products year by year, as well as provide customers the best service.